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Happy Summer!...From The Aramco Group

Posted by The Aramco Group on Thu, Jun 21, 2012 @ 15:06 PM

For those of you who have been following my blog for the last few months, you know by now that I like to stick to the cold hard facts. I might mix a little humor in here or there, but the majority of the time I’m all about business; Reverse Mortgages, Refinances, Real Estate, and all things Finance. So today, on this first day of summer, allow me to diverge just for one day on a bit of a lighter note.The Aramco Group

First, imagine your friends, relatives, and fellow Americans in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, even beautiful Kansas…Currently they’re experiencing temperatures well above 85° with humidity closer to 100°. So, let’s take just a brief moment out of our busy life in paradise to be grateful for the amazing state of California that we all call home. Our finances, traffic, even sports teams may be far from perfect, but if there exists a perfect climate I believe it’s right here in this golden state of California.

At The Aramco Group we take pride in our dedication to Californians. We have chosen to exclusively service California with their financing needs so that we can more completely understand our client’s lifestyle, economics, and everyday joys and concerns. Mehran Aram and his competent staff at The Aramco Group are here for all Californians and have put people before profit for over 20 years. More than anything it is our goal to educate Californians whether it’s regarding the benefits a Reverse Mortgage can have on a senior’s retirement, how much one can save on their monthly mortgage payments with a Refinance, or any other real estate finance needs. If a question should ever arise, please don’t hesitate to call and we’ll give you a detailed, honest, and friendly answer to any question or concern.

On behalf of all of us at The Aramco Group, we wish you a safe, exciting, and memorable summer of 2012! We hope that one day we can earn your trust and business and impress you with our “white glove” customer service.


The Aramco Group Staff


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