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Mehran Aram CRMP – Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional

Posted by The Aramco Group on Thu, Jun 28, 2012 @ 11:06 AM

Mehran Aram Certified Reverse Mortgage ProfessionalThe world’s most renowned doctors are MDs, the best businessmen are CEOs, CPAs are the masters of accounting, and now the CRMP defines the premier Reverse Mortgage Professional. This highly sought-after designation not only differentiates an average reverse mortgage originator from a premier reverse mortgage professional, but also ensures a standard of ethics, experience, competency and customer service. The Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional or CRMP designation has been bestowed to less than 10 people in the state of California, and Mehran Aram, President and CEO of Aramco Financial is the only CRMP to exclusively serve California homeowners for their reverse mortgage needs.

Educated seniors across the state are now focusing their search for reverse mortgage services to those who have earned this highest and most prestigious certification the industry offers. Why is the CRMP designation such a big deal? Here at Aramco Financial we understand what an important financial decision it is to attain a Reverse Mortgage, and inherently there is an enormous amount of trust given to the reverse mortgage company as well as the originator of the loan. Thus, it is extremely important that this trust is given carefully, and only to a company who is dedicated to your best interest. The CRMP (Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional) designation maintained by Mehran Aram at Aramco Financial allows seniors to comfortably put their trust in a company and a person who has proven their knowledge, experience, integrity, and dedication to the seniors of California. It is with great excitement that we introduce you to the newest professional standard, and we hope our own CRMP designation will help express to you our dedication to our clients’ best interests and financially sound retirement.  


If you’re looking for more information on the reverse mortgage, interested in getting started, or simply searching to educate yourself further, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1(877) 700-0942, visit our website at, or Sign Up for one of our upcoming dinner seminars in San Diego County where we discuss the reverse mortgage product and address the questions and concerns of the seniors in our community. 

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