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Mehran Aram (CRMP)Mehran Aram, CRMP ( Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional ) and founder of The Aramco Group, Aramco Mortgage and Aramco Financial, has provided California residents with FREE, educational Reverse Mortgage workshops since 2009. The workshops, entitled "Demistifying the Reverse Mortgage," focus on debunking the common myths of the Reverse Mortgage, weighing pros and cons, and providing financial analysis and statistics. The majority of the approximately hour long dinner or lunch seminar is spent with a question and answer session, where everyone is welcome to ask Mehran Aram (CRMP) questions regarding the Reverse Mortgage product. Seminars include a free lunch or dinner and are a good place not only to educate oneself regarding Reverse Mortgages, but also to meet other seniors who share the same questions, concerns and financial goals. Seminars are held monthly, primarily throughout San Diego County at venues such as La Costa Resort, Carlton Oaks Country Club, Rancho Bernardo Inn, Tom Ham's Lighthouse and The Brigantine Restaurant. We welcome you to attend one of our next seminars, and we hope to be able to answer all of your most important questions. If you are interested in this months seminar simply click on the "Sign Up" link on the right of your screen.

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