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When you work with ARAMCO, whether for your residential, commercial or reverse mortgage loan, you not only become part of the ARAMCO family, you become a “Customer for Life.” ARAMCO has defined the “life-cycle of the home-owner.” “Purchase. Refinance. Reverse.®” it’s more than a slogan, it’s a commitment to you, the client, to be there for your first purchase and subsequent home and real-estate purchases. It’s a commitment to you to be there for all your refinance and cash-out needs. It’s a commitment to support your retirement goals when you’re ready to age in place and access a reverse mortgage. ARAMCO is here, yesterday, today, and tomorrow with real solutions for all your financing needs.


aramco reviews


William P.  - San Diego, CA


The humor man says: These guys promised to pay me if I gave them 5 stars. I refused! I tell you that they have already paid me handsomely by giving me such excellent service in my second Reverse in 5 years. So I'm no newbie to this. Blair Campbell is an incredible loan processor, who put a "smile on my face". And Jay Zayer, my loan rep, is so knowledgeable and professional. He "held me by the hand" throughout to make getting my condo complex FHA approved. No small feat, but he took charge and made it seamless and quick. Being divorced, I liked the attention, especially "the smile on my face" part. The "hand holding", not so much? So this is my "success" story with Aramco Group. Contact them and let them help you write your own "success" story...and you, too, will get paid handsomely like me.
Willy the P.

aramco reviews 

K.G. - San Diego, CA


Sometimes life throws you a curve that you did not anticipate; anxiety is running high and time is of the essence.  At times like these you want to surround yourself with team mates that know their business and, given all the many players and pieces that have to be coordinated, team mates that you can trust to get the job done.  This was my experience securing a mortgage through Aramco.  They identified clearly what they needed from me, and when I provided the necessary information and documentation, they quickly and efficiently connected the dots and made things happen.  Not only did they get the job done well and on time, they communicated frequently to keep me appraised of progress - even if there was no progress, but simply status to report.  Then there was the intangible, but no less important element of a business owner who personally took the time to remain engaged and offered encouragement and praise on the team along the way.