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Foreclosures see uptick last month

Fall comes early for the housing market

Bold, new rent control law passes in Calif.

Home construction rates show no sign of improvement

Trump administration shakes up housing market

Poll: Home buyers have no regrets

New home sales increase in July

Home buyer deal breakers

Mortgage application volume on the slide

Millennials want to own – they just can’t afford it

San Diego senior population expected to double by 2030

California lawmakers reach deal on rent control

San Diego home still selling for a premium

San Diego home prices counter national trend

California housing shortage worse than previously thought

Federal gov’t buys $16.M luxury penthouse

Builder attention shifts from luxury segment to starter homes

Foreclosure filings decline by 19 percent in July

Consumer confidence in housing market at record high

Homebuyers call ceasefire in bidding wars

Home prices continue slow climb

Mortgage delinquencies spike

Mortgage delinquencies spike

Home affordability improving thanks to low rates

Freddie Mac predicts bright future for housing

Federal Reserve cuts rates, possibly impacting mortgages

Homeownership rate dips in Q2

Average credit score of home buyers rises

Falling mortgage rates make home buying more affordable

Calif. state officials label California home sales as “weak”

Home sales fall more than expected

Homeowners staying put longer than ever

San Diego housing market appears to be cooling off

Advanced degrees pay off for house-hunters

Home selling: what stays and what goes

Real estate history repeats itself

San Diego home sales fall by double-digits

Home buyers take housing-hunting break over 4th of July

Home prices beyond affordable

Construction spending continues rough patch

Reverse mortgage changes appear to be working

Low mortgage rates saving homeowners millions

San Diego County property tax revenue climbs higher

Pending home sales rebound in May

Wage struggles for Calif. renters

‘Beverly Hillbillies’ house gets deep discount

Home price growth slows in April

Americans purchasing fewer new homes

Calif. home sellers see top profits

Calif. home prices reach new peak

Down payment assistance programs growing in popularity

Home builder confidence

Homeowners perception of home values in line with reality

San Diego home building plummets

Mortgage applications jump following drop in rates

Condo and townhome sales surge in San Diego

Kitchen remodels top homeowners wish list

Home flipping activity at 9-year high

Cease-fire in bidding wars

Home Purchase Sentiment near record high

Homeowner equity levels continue to climb

Lawmakers try to provide relief from high rent prices

San Diego housing trend spells good news for entry-level buyers

Housing market shifting in favor of buyers

A uniquely California problem: too many mansions

Construction spending flat in April

Nearly half of renters wish they were owners

Builder confidence gets a boost

Pending home sales retreat for 16th consecutive month

San Diego home prices holding steady

Mortgage applications drop despite falling rates

Calif. home sales enter spring in slump

April home prices stabilize

Memorial Day celebrations include closing escrow

Where California’s new homes are being built

Foreign real-estate investors continue to eye U.S. housing

Home building on the rise

Apps for a stress-free moving day

Underwater homes still exist

Calif. revised budget includes $1.75 billion for housing

Agentless home buying

Fannie Mae: consumers remain bearish about home buying

Distressed home sales continue to decline

When bidding wars make sense

Median list price of U.S. homes reaches new record high

California rent control battle rages on

Green living impacting housing market

San Diego home sales down as prices continue to rise

Homelessness rising faster in high-rent markets

Home sellers' declining profits signal a market shift

U.S. homeownership rate dips

Economists upbeat about housing market

Home builder confidence remains flat

Homeowners perception of home values off the mark

Cash-out refinances on the rise

U.S. foreclosure activity lowest since 2008

San Diego home sales rebound after sluggish start to 2019

San Diego is a retirement hot spot

Homeowners associations: friend or foe?

San Diego listed among best places to live, again

Younger homebuyers work harder than most to find the right home

Judge orders Calif. to use bank settlement funds to help homeowners

Home prices reach record high

Mortgage activity spike as rates drop

Experts: Housing discrimination rampant

Debt levels burdening retirees

Construction spending climbs in February

HUD charges Facebook for posting discriminatory housing ads

New report shows spring home-buying season in full swing

Housing affordability issues affecting more Americans

San Diego home sellers cutting prices

Home-price growth extends slow streak

Dirt lots being sold before homes are built

Changes for gov’t flood insurance program announced for 2020

FHA introduced more stringent borrowing standards

What is residential mortgage fraud?

Mortgage rates in free-fall

World’s most expensive cities to live

San Diego homeowners are part of an elite club

Calif. home sales roar back after new year slump

Buyers’ make comeback in the West

San Diego homes seeing cuts in sales-prices

Lower rates stimulate mortgage activity

Rising home values helping fend off foreclosures

Home price appreciation continues slow streak

New housing construction lags in San Diego

Prepping your home for a spring sale

Americans striving to become homeowners

Homeowner equity levels still climbing

Questions to ask your mortgage lender

Freddie Mac: mortgage market expected to slow in 2019

New home sales rise to 7-month high

Sharp decline in construction spending ends 2018

Mortgage rates fall to lowest point in a year

Millennial homeowners have regrets

Living large comes with a downside

Buyers responding favorably to stable and lower mortgage rates

Housing starts tumble in December

San Diego housing plans could be a game changer

FHA loan popularity grows by leaps and bounds

Could another recession rattle the housing market?

Homeownership for singles

The impact of rehab centers on home values

Home sales retreat but could spring back

Housing inventory rebounds after years of stagnation

Three’s not company

2018 disaster losses near record high

Government support of 30-year mortgage questioned at confirmation hearing

Presidential real estate

Buyers spending over 3 months to find next home

Economic uncertainty drags down mortgage application volume

Volume of past-due mortgages continues to shrink

Valentine’s Day geography

Home buyer bidding wars at record low

Survey: Americans feeling confident about finances

Home sellers averaged $61k in profits in 2018

Seniors holding on to their homes longer

Luxury home sales down for first time in 2 years

Slowdown in home sales felt more acutely on West Coast

Homeowner tax breaks for 2018 still up in the air

One in four home purchases made with cash

Consumer sentiment hurt by gov’t shutdown

Most expensive home in U.S. sold for $238 million

New home sales climb higher

Growing number of homebuyers making 6-figures

December pending home sales drop to lowest level six years

December new construction starts retreat

Baby Boomers express desire to age-in-place

Homeowners reeling in the dough

U.S. home affordability drops to 10-year low

San Diego Christmas displays not to miss

Santa Baby

Mortgage rates down despite Fed decision

Even in challenging market, Calif. renters aspire to homeownership

Amazon HQ2 rejects may still get a housing boost

Mortgage application continues to rally

Higher loan limits coming in 2019

Predictions for 2019 housing market look glib

Virtual staging could catch the buyers’ eye

Fed backs away from hawkish rate hike plan

California housing affordability crunch eases slightly

Cash-out refinances at 11-year high

Smile at your next open house, you could be on camera

Using equity to pay for home repairs

Consumer confidence waning

Homebuilders deeply wounded by Fed rate hikes

Mortgage applications rebound but deeper look shows trouble

New housing for developmentally disabled breaks ground in San Diego

Home equity has come ‘roaring back’

Closing escrow on the double

Weak housing market predicted for Calif. in 2019

Reverse mortgages can help the next generation buy a home

Mortgage activity dragged down by higher rates

San Diego ranks among hottest housing markets for 2018

Millennials showing preference for conventional loans

Prop 10 debate heats up ahead of mid-terms

Fannie Mae: Americans upbeat about economy

San Diego rent prices hit new all-time high

Foreclosure filings at lowest levels since 2005

Tide turns for long-time housing inventory shortage

Home affordability at 10-year low

Fall and winter listings could bring big bucks for sellers

Sellers dropping prices

California voters to decide on rent control measure

Home affordability at 10 year low

Mortgage rates surge amid strong economic news

CoreLogic: home price appreciation slowest in years

FHA makes changes to further protect HECM borrowers

Housing market braces for higher mortgage rates

Experts: Home sales have topped out

It pays to be a homeowner

Reverse mortgages now a part of the ‘mainstream’

Americans are putting bigger down payments on homes

Homebuilders defiant in the face of tariffs

Homebuilders feeling the impact of tariffs

Student loans scare off millennial home buyers

San Diego among nation's most expensive housing markets

Mortgage activity shoots up amid favorable rates

Foreclosure heatwave sweeps across U.S.

Renters outnumber owners in San Diego

Seller's market may be tipping in favor of buyers

Buying a fixer-upper with a 203(k) loan

Housing starts make modest rebound

Home remodeling surges 30%

Reverse mortgages could ease retirement worries

$25 million approved for San Diego affordable housing

Delinquent mortgages near historic lows

First-time buyers saving for down payments in unconventional ways

Pricing a home correctly

Number of cities with million-dollar homes is growing

Young adults not ready to leave the nest

Survey: home buying can be most stressful life event for some

More homeowners are equity rich; fewer underwater

Home prices soaring this summer

Sellers seeing profits soar

San Diego's USDA secrets

Home buyers helped by family money

900 square feet of your home may be useless in 20 years

Central air conditioning a must-have for home buyers

Foreclosure rate back to pre-recession levels

San Diego's USDA secret

Report: Living in a good school district is a must for buyers

15-minutes could save San Diego residents thousands

Pending home sales inch higher in June; down from last year

Reversing financial setbacks

U.S. homeownership rate on the rise

Homeowners are reaping the benefits of having stayed in place longer

Freddie Mac predicts continued growth in housing

Home inventory levels increase for first time in years

Foreclosure starts down nationwide; 17 percent in San Diego

Saving for a down payment could take a while

San Diego housing inventory growth leads nation

Underfunded retirements get second chance with reverse mortgages

Where are all the sellers?

San Diego home prices up nearly 7 percent since last year

Believe it or not, mortgage rates are low

Despite heated market, buying still more affordable than renting

Foreclosure rate continues to fall

Independence Day displays catch the buyers' eye

Home flipping activity hits 6-year high

San Diego homeowners realize record profits

Despite roadblocks, Americans still believe in homeownership dream

FHA loans may be a solution for cash-strapped buyers

Volume of mortgage applications falls sharply last week

Nearly one-third of Americans 'cost-burdened' by housing

Nov. ballot to give California voters voice on state housing crisis

Senior home equity levels hit record high

Painting the front door black could pay dividends

Housing market continues to grapple with eroding affordability

Past-due mortgages continue to hover near 11-year low

Home sales decline for second month in a row

Hidden cost of selling a home

CalHFA popularity grows even among the wealthy

Home builder sentiment retreats amid rising costs

More homeowners utilizing home equity

The California exodus worsens

Housing boom diminishes possible baby boom

Ulta-competitive housing market leads to ultra-fast sales

Fed rate hike may have silver lining

Poll: Americans overwhelmingly optimistic about housing

U.S. households net worth breaks record

Amazon homeowner's insurance

New tariffs may not rattle home builders

Analysts: Housing shortage to continue throughout 2018

Even in retirement, housing still seniors' biggest expense

More than half of US housing markets considered 'overvalued'

Young buyers most influenced by man's best friend

Expert: home price growth 'not sustainable'

The pros and cons of buying new construction

Pending home sales fall more than expected

Mortgage activity drops despite dip in rates

Mortgage rates fall as bonds rally

San Diego listed among the fastest growing cities in US

Survey: Americans not planning to sell their homes

Memorial Day celebration a hit with homeowners

What higher gas prices could do to home sales

Average home size trends upward in 2018

Housing affordability crunch worsens in Q1

The cost of moving

Does a Reverse Mortgage Impact Social Security, Medicare, and Other Benefits?

Living in paradise comes with risks

April housing report brings mixed news

When Does It Make Sense to Use a Reverse Mortgage in Retirement?

Smart homes are the new luxury

Buyers battle it out for limited number of homes available

Australian gov't offers reverse mortgages to all seniors

Calif. becomes first state to mandate solar panels on new homes

FHA loans grow in popularity

The Role of a Reverse Mortgage in Retirement Planning

Spring cleaning can pay off for sellers

Housing confidence hits new all-time high

Why 'For Sale by Owner' may not pay off

Rising values lead to equity rich owners

Renters ditching the high-rise for the single-family home

Refinances impacted by higher rates

Homes earning more in value than some workers

Wells Fargo settles with Calif. financial advisors

Climbing homeownership rate could be temporary

The burden of retirement debt

Down payments in San Diego among the nation's highest

Millennials reverse course on home ownership

Freddie Mac: Home sales could plateau without new inventory

Facebook under investigation for discriminatory housing ads, again

Past due mortgages fall to 12-month low

Wells Fargo settles lending abuses for $1 billion

Mortgage rates inch higher amid inflation concerns

San Diego commission considers affordable housing options

Over half of U.S. markets surpass pre-recession peak

America needs 7.3 million new homes

New home construction still sluggish

Builder confidence remains high

More millennials turning to parents for down payment assistance

New Calif. housing bill could boost construction

Senior home moving made easier

Mortgage applications fall to seven-week low

Getting lucky in real estate

San Diego ranks among the hottest housing markets, again

Despite rising prices, Veterans find affordable ways to buy a home

Mortgage payments climb in 2018

Taking advantage of the seller's market

California's overheated housing market driving away residents

After the down payment comes the closing costs

Seniors with mounting debt may have saving grace

Homeowner equity hits record high

What Are the Upfront Costs for a HECM Reverse Mortgage?

New study of rent prices brings mixed news

How much would 5% rates shake up the housing market?

Senior home equity climbs to new all-time high

The staged look sells

Millennials spend nearly $93,000 on rent

Home sales continue to soar despite higher rates

Ballot proposal could make moving for seniors easier

5 Steps to Increase Your Buying Power

Single living in San Diego

Closing times faster in Feb. 

Foreign investors fixed on Calif. real estate

Renters feel the housing crunch too

Homeowners and appraisers seeing more eye-to-eye

Fed rate hike not cause for homebuyer worry

How to score a lower interest rate

Is a Reverse Mortgage the Right Financing Plan for Your New Home?

Consumer confidence levels rebound to 14-year high

February housing starts retreat

Spring home sales expected to be flat this year

Mortgage refinances fall to 12-year low

St. Patrick's homeland housing similar to U.S.

What affordability crisis?

Calif. home sales slip to 2-year low

Uncertainty on Wall Street could change retirement plans

California housing affordability continues to erode

U.S. home flipping increases to 11-year high

Retailer to donate $50m to help housing shortage

Proposed tarrifs could hurt home construction

Home prices rising fastest for entry level homes

The best and worst states to live for women

Foreign real estate investors eyeing U.S. housing market

CoreLogic: Housing market nearly fully recovered

Sharp decline in pending home sales

How much you need to earn to own a home

Construction labor shortage stifles new housing

Consumers emboldened by strong economy

First-time homebuying surges in Q4

The California exodus

Calif. cities embracing reverse mortgages

Using Airbnb to qualify for a refinance

The potential for housing market bubbles

Fixer uppers worth a look

Home sales weighed down by rising rates and short supply

Creative ways to save for a down payment

San Diego needs nearly a quarter million new homes by 2028

Homebuilders brush off higher mortgage rates

How low unemployment can hurt housing

New home sales expected to climb throughout 2018

Seniors rolling in home equity

Higher mortgage rates drive down applications for home loans

Homeowners staying put longer than ever

Flowers, candy and a house for Valentine's Day

The business of Realtors

Housing inventory levels drop even lower

Home ownership still a big part of the American Dream

Home purchase sentiment at all-time high

How solar panels impact home values

Rising mortgage rates' impact on housing a mystery

Home sellers see profits soar

Strong economy pushing mortgage rates higher

Millennials steer clear of California

Super Bowl's super impact on housing

Mortgage applications down as rates rise 2

U.S. homeownership rate climbs for first time in 13-years

Home price growth shows no signs of slowing

New home cash sales reach post-recession high

California's housing crunch leads to poverty

Calif. continues to dominate list of 20 hottest housing markets

New home sales dive in December

Reverse mortgage endorsements surge

Hurricanes blamed for spike in delinquent mortgages

Rent control measure could be put to Calif. voters in Nov.

Calif. home sales ended 2017 on high note

How a government shutdown affects housing

Cryptocurrency infiltrates real estate market

Housing inventory crisis continues nationwide

U.S. foreclosure activity drops to 12-year low

The future of home buying still includes real estate agents

Home builder confidence dips from 18-year high

Renting versus buying a conundrum in San Diego

Home remodels expected to rise in 2018

Senior home buying easier with H4P

Mortgage applications start year off on high note

Millennials ripe for home buying but face obstacles

Mortgage rates inch up

HUD delays Obama-era fair housing policy

The average age of home buyers trends older

Average age of home buyers trends older

Sizeable number of Calif. homes worth more than $1 million

Legalized marijuana could impact home values

U.S. construction spending reaches record high

San Diegans paid nearly $10 billion in rent last year

Total value of all U.S. homes at all-time high

Home renovations that pay off

San Diego home price growth 3rd in U.S.

Gov. Brown issues warning to landlords: no price gouging

This year's hottest neighborhoods in San Diego

Californians could benefit from paying property taxes before 2018

Homes selling faster than ever

Senior home equity grows by $121 billion in Q3

Locking in a lower rate with an FHA streamline refiance

Sales of existing homes near 11-year high

Santa's house valued at over $700K

The Open House Before Christmas

Builder confidence soars to 18-year high in Dec.

U.S. housing starts climb to highest level in a year

Buying a home with bad credit

Calif. home sales down compared to last year

First time homebuyer surge

Housing inventory woes are the black mark on the economy

The power of extra mortgage payments

Mortgage rates ease following Fed rate hike

What happens if you don't pay your mortgage?

San Diego homeowners offered assistance in wake of fires

The hidden cost of retirement

Wildfires threaten $27 billion in SoCal real estate

U.S. household net worth near $97 trillion in Q3

Fed more than likely to raise rates this month

Low mortgage rates spur refinances according to latest data

Reverse mortgage volume climbs in Nov.

Holiday home shopping more expensive as median home prices climb

Home equity climbs to new high

Home prices may be high but mortgages are cheap

Common mistakes from first-time home buyers

Higher lending limits coming in 2018

U.S. pending home sales climb in Oct

Home prices setting new records

New home sales reach 10-year high

Christmas curb appeal

Baby boomers carrying mortgage into retirement

Flood insurance premiums may soon rise

Mortgage delinquency rate climbs in Q3

Black Friday house hunting not in November

How many turkeys does your rent eat up?

San Diego rent prices soar

Number of homes for sale shrinks again

San Diego affordable housing project moves forward

California Realtors speak out against GOP tax plan

Fannie Mae: Consumers worried about housing; job security

Seniors homeowners could benefit most from tapping equity

Number of all-cash home buyers increases in Q3

9 of 10 least affordable housing markets in Calif.

Granny flats could ease San Diego housing crunch

Nearly a third of homes selling above asking price

More veterans using VA loans to buy homes

Affordability declines amid climbing home prices

Report: Boomers fastest growing group of renters in U.S.

USDA loans not just for farmers

2018 Housing market expected to grow; concerns over prices

Reverse mortgages not a last resort

California housing crisis could lead to health crisis

Reduced mortgage interest deduction in new tax plan

What Makes a Good Reverse Mortgage [INFOGRAPHIC]

Home prices at record high; San Diego leads the nation

New Fed chair expected to maintain course

Real Estate’s Status in Light of the Current Economic Climate

Vacant property rate decreases in Q3

San Diego trick-or-treating tips and tricks

San Diego among cities with lowest eviction rates

Mortgage applications fall as rates rise

More homeowners tapping into equity

Live and Learn in These 3 Cities as a Senior

New home sales soar to 10-year high

Knowing when a reverse mortgage is right for you

Home Buying for Seniors: Do You Know the Trends? [QUIZ]

Calif. median home price slips in Sept.

House flipping: profits high; volume low

Renters: down payment biggest obstacle to home buying

Zillow: rising sea levels threaten nearly $1B in real estate

Calif. home buying season extends to fall

Calling All Seniors: Ask Your Real Estate Agent These 9 Questions

Housing starts fall to 12-month low

Inventory shortage only dark spot in 2018 housing market

How to Discuss a Reverse Mortgage with Senior Parents

Calif. wildfire victims eligible for mortgage assistance

Locking in your mortgage rate

San Diego County mails out nearly 1m property tax bills

Foreclosure filings at 11-year low

Inflation a conundrum for fed policy makers

The State of Reverse Mortgages: Stay Informed with the Statistics [INFOGRAPHIC]

Closing escrow on a Friday

The income gap between owners and renters

12 Cities With Booming Real Estate Markets

Calif. home prices sizzle; residents worried

Extra property taxes generates nearly $1 bill. for San Diego

Homebuilders join the 'smart home' craze

Popularity of adjustable rate mortgages on the rise

Despite recent improvement, home affordability remains near decade low

Reversal of Fortune: How HECMs Can Pay Off for Seniors

New reverse mortgage rules have silver lining

Home price appreciation posts end of summer gains

6 Different Ways to Use a Reverse Mortgage [INFOGRAPHIC]

San Diego's dramatic steps to house booming population

1,000 homeless veterans secure housing in San Diego

New era of reverse mortgages starts today

U.S. pending home sales drop 2.6 percent in August

Underwater homeowners are still out there

Reverse mortgage changes to take affect Monday

New home sales fall to 8-month low

Gov. Brown expected to sign new housing bills

Shakeup for reverse mortgage volume expected after Oct. 2 deadline

Shakeup for reverse mortgage volume expected after Oct. 2

Homeowner equity crosses $8 trillion mark

Reverse mortgage counselors to borrowers: Hurry! Deadline Oct. 2

Hurricanes hurt homebuilder confidence

Calif. housing market shows no signs of cooling

Beat the Oct. 22 reverse mortgage deadline

Record number of single women owning homes

Seniors struggling with mounting debt

Living in San Diego comes at a price

Calif. house flipping flounders

Mortgage applications shoot up amid favorable rates

Foreclosures down across the nation

Home builders attempt to tackle housing shortage

Sellers upbeat as home prices climb

Why shrinking down payments don't worry economists anymore

The business of selling mortgages

San Diego home prices sizzle in July

FHA announces assistance plans for Harvey stricken areas

Mortgage rates drop to their lowest levels since November

Experts worried about higher reverse mortgage costs

Conforming vs. Non-Conforming home loans

Existing home sales dip in August

HUD: higher fees; lower available funds on reverse mortgage

Avoid these missteps before closing escrow

Weekly mortgage applications drop again

San Diego ranked 9th hottest housing market

How the housing industry reacts to natural disasters

Investigation of foriegn home buyers grows

Some of San Diego's million dollar neighborhoods

Housing market could soon get a shakeup

New home sales see biggest drop of 2017 so far

Millennials delay homeownership to save

Appraisal free mortgages could slash closing times

Aging in place made possible through reverse mortgages

California's housing market cools

San Diego home sales and affordability decline

Number of equity rich homeowners increases

Down payments shrink in 2017

Americans' debt level reaches record high

Home builder confidence rebounds in August

Grocery store wars

Tax reform may impact homeownership

Apprisals, expectations gap narrows

'Beverly Hillbillies' house most expensive listing in U.S.

Homeownership rate spikes in Q2

Americans anticipating housing bubble

Priciest homes get pricier

Housing sentiment slips amid buyer fatigue and seller uncertainty

'Alternative' credit score may help buyers

The room that adds the most property value

San Diego's hidden cost of homeownership

Mortgage applications drop slightly

Robot realtors

A homeowner's real estate team

What to consider before buying a home

Homebuyers dissatisfied with mortgage lenders

San Diego ranked 4th best big city to live in

Homeownership rate climbs back from 50-year low

When Zillow misses the mark

Study: housing market not in bubble

The mechanics of a reverse mortgage

Pending home sales decline for sixth straight month

Smaller homes on the horizon

Calif. home sales not hurt by inventory woes

Judge orders mortgage lender to pay hefty fine

New home construction rebounds in June

Foreign buyers make record investment in American real estate

Low down payment options unknown to many

San Diego lagging in home construction

Buying still more affordable than renting

Buying a house without a spouse

Shrinking number of Calif. homeowners insured against earthquakes

Homeownership still large part of American's aspirations

Survey: Seniors not interested in moving

The minority housing gap

Calif. Senate passes housing bill

Mortgage qualifications may ease

Mortgage applications climb despite increase in rates

3D tours changing the home buying experience

The challenge of home appraisals

The point of Mortgage Loan Points

San Diego home values breaking records

Millions of homeowners missing out on savings

Fireworks viewing from the backyard

Reverse mortgages tailored for seniors

Buyers buying blind

Home builders dawdle

No end in sight for housing inventory woes

Home price growth slowed slightly in April

Lenders loosen borrowing standards

Millennials all but shut out of housing market

Home inspections could save money

Refinances climb as rates fall below 4%

Popular program makes senior home buying easier

Housing costs squeeze Americans

Homeowners realize profits while buyers struggle

Casual investors finding profit in house flipping

Covering long-term care expenses through a HECM

Home builder confidence still solid despite drop

Growing homes; shrinking lots

Mortgage rates still low despite Fed rate hike

San Diego home prices reach new high

Mortgage credit availability drops

Fed set to raise rates

Drop in mortgage rates spurs home buying

Affordable housing project opens in San Diego

Seniors holding on to family home

Home inventory impacts sales in Calif.

Striking back at squatters

Rent prices increasing at slowest pace in three years

Existing home sales slip in May

Hiring spree skips construction industry2

Homeowners cashing in on equity

Buyers competing for Calif. homes2

USD's economic outlook unchanged in April

Americans ramp up spending

Paying for the American dream2

Buyers competing for Calif. homes

Avoiding home buying regrets2

Memorial Day sales promise bargains for homeowners

U.S. construction spending slips from record high2

Trump tax plan gets mixed reviews2

April home sales fall more than expected

Calif. home sales slide in Q2

San Diego among most profitable housing markets(2)

ZIllow reaching out to Gen Y

Hiring spree skips construction industry

Buyers competing for California homes

Paying for the American dream

Majority of Americans have nearly no retirement savings

Avoiding home buying regrets

Federal Reserve leaves interest rates unchanged

U.S. construction slips from record high

Trump tax plan gets mixed reviews

San Diego among most profitable housing markets

New home sales close to record high

Homeownership rate may grow soon

Study: Baby boomers not fully recovered from financial crisis

Dip in rates push mortgage applications higher

Homeowners and appraisers not lining up

Home builders busy

Home buyers spring into action

Rent uncontrol

San Diego home sales up despite higher prices

San Diego leaders fighting for affordable housing

Expert: reverse mortgages are logical choice

Home builder sentiment but still strong

San Diego has healthy drop in foreclosures

Real estate cash purchases have downside

Too old for a reverse mortgage?

Home automation grows in popularity

The lurking housing bubble

Housing shortage especially troubling for first time buyers

Young San Diegans behind drop in homeownership rate

Mortgage debt currently biggest on record

San Diego property auction goes online

Experts: no slow down in rising home prices

San Diego property taxes become delinquent Monday

Getting to know reverse mortgages

U.S. construction spending rises to 11-year high

How rising rates might help housing

Calif. Realtors have positive outlook for Spring

The economy's recovery blind spot

Homes for the homeless

Affordability struggles are no April Fool's joke

Rising home prices could slow demand

March consumer confidence reaches 16-year high

San Diego builders focusing on apartments

Pre-owned home sales retreat in Feb.

Sharp increase in new home sales

Post-recession popularity of reverse mortgages grows

Borrowers turn to riskier loans

Home cash sales slip to decade low

San Diego lagging in apartment construction

Calif. home inventory strengthens

Housing starts hit post-recession high

A brief history of the American mortgage

Mortgage rates react to Fed decision

Home builder sentiment at 12-year high

Mortgage rates fall following Fed rate hike

Fewer homeowners remain upsidedown

Home purchase sentiment breaks record

Storm brewing for housing market?

Home flipping at 11-year high

San Diego home price growth slows, for now

Backyard Farming

Mortgage applications reach new high

Industry insiders see positive trend in reverse mortgage reporting

Downsizing isn't for everyone

More rate hikes on horizon

Affordable housing bill gaining traction

Construction spending falls unexpectedly

Paying for long-term care insurance

Doctor prescribes housing instead of medicine

Homebuying activity dwindles

San Diego ranked sixth "hottest" housing market

New home sales indicate flourishing economy

Gender gap causing San Diego housing gap

A home's curb appeal

Popularity of reverse mortgages growing

Household debt level near record high

2017 Calif. home sales start strong

Foreclosures drop to lowest level since 2007

Demand for housing influencing prices in San Diego

U.S. presidents live in 9-figure mansion

VA loans growing in popularity

Home builder confidence levels off

San Diego seemingly immune to underwater homes

Fed signals rate hike imminent

Home buyers growing older

Romance & Real Estate

Housing market confidence returns

Home equity lines without the downside

Mortgage applications change course

Mortgage rates cast shadow on 2017 housing outlook

San Diego lawmakers focus on home construction

Home sellers see higher profits

Home buying begins with realtor shopping

San Diego housing forecast positive through 2020

San Diego ranked 5th hottest housing market

Calif. pending home sales post gains

Tapping home equity without downsizing

Cold weather brings in hot deals for homebuyers

Home sales end 2016 on high note

Cash sales increase, delaying return to normalcy

Mortgage rates agitated by Down gains

Mortgage applications not phased by rising rates

Foreigners with an eye for Calif. luxury

Remembering the biggest retirement asset

Down payments among buyers' biggest obstacles

The Trump rationale behind FHA policy rollback

Pres. Trump suspends FHA price cut

Housing starts rebound to 9-year high

Inflation helps Fed make case for rate hikes

Refinance applications regain lost ground

San Diego mayor addresses housing woes

Young home buyers have odds stacked against them

How the Chargers move could be good for San Diego

Bidding wars battle with rising interest rates

San Diego home sales drop amid tight inventory

Experts laud reverse mortgage benefits

Underwater homeowners drop by 1 million in 2016

Homeowners appraisal estimates right on the money

Housing market optimism shrinks

FHA passing on savings to homebuyers

2017 variables could alter housing market

New Calif. laws protect renters

Buying more affordable than renting in most areas

U.S. value of housing stock at all-time high

Holiday home buying tanks

San Diego may top California in price growth in 2017

Living longer comes at a cost

Freddie Mac makes 2017 housing predictions

New Year's resolutions for homebuyers

Consumers: the new year looks bright

Predicting housing trends in 2017

Current home prices putting pressure on buyer's budgets

Home sales pace reaches 10-year high

Senior home equity levels break record

Rising interest rates cause refinancing woes

Home for the holidays

2016 Calif. home sales best last year

What the Fed rate hike means for homes

Fed: mortgage debt climbs in Q3

Pace of home price increases could slow in 2017

Housing starts tumble but builders remain confident

Home builder confidence at 11-year high

Rising mortgage rates slow refinances

Bright economic forecast brings rate hike

Seniors retiring with more debt than ever

Homeownership is still a part of the American Dream

The grand the breaks the bank

Report: Rising home values boosting net worth

Flippers not flopping

Experts to seniors: incorporate home ownership into retirement plans

Underwater homeowners come up for air

The HUD challenge

San Diego economy steadfast in election lead-up

High prices and rates spell trouble for home buyers

Home prices reach new 10-year high

FHA to raise loan limits next year

2017's homeownership projections look positive

Unemployment rate falls sharply

Preparing your home for an earthquake

New home sales losing momentum

House-rich; cash-poor

Homes shrinking to fit middle-class wallets

The hidden cost of home ownership

Five states account for third of foreclosure

New home sales see strong month

Black Friday deals on home

A year to be thankful for

The hidden costs of homeownership

Increase in housing starts at 9-year high

Yellin: rate hike imminent

Commercial real estate an uphill battle for investors

Applications for mortgages drop amid rising interest rates

Tight home inventory leads to bidding wars

New home sales have strong month

The forgotten retirement asset

Five states account for third of foreclosures

Mortgage activity falls to 5-month low

Homes for Heros

Bond market rattled by Trump

Post-election mortgage rates reach 7-month high

Home buying sentiment weakens for 3rd straight month

CA home prices rise as sales drop

Local ballot measures that could impact housing

How the election could shape the housing market

Pending home sales bounce back

Fed makes strong case for Dec. rate hike

Using home equity in reitrement planning

San Diego home prices near 10-year high

Mortgage rates watched closely ahead of Fed meeting

U.S. homeownership rate inches up

Haunted home buying

Commercial vacancy rate declines

House flipping sees resurgance

Fannie Mae: lethargic economy expected to hasten

2017 home prices to taper off

Report: seniors retiring with more debt

Home sellers recognize the charm of cash

2017 housing market predictions

Rising costs slow down new home construction

San Diego business growth expected to continue in 2017

Reverse mortgages take the string out of rising prices

San Diego home prices spike

Consumer confidence dips

San Diego leads CA in home price jumps

Homeowners aligning perception with reality

San Diego housing not hurt by tight inventory

Mortgage applications down as rates rise

Home equity climbs 40 percent since 2011

The HECM potential

Rising home prices follow increased demand

Why housing inventory keeps falling

Housing market heats up for fall

Home affordability lessens

September sees solid job growth

Mortgage rates at lowest  levels since July

CA homes sell for premium

Pending home sales drop as Autumn arrives

Property tax season has arrived in San Diego

Low rates and down-payments help buyers

HECM's growing credit lines

San Diego plagued by lack of homes for sale

Home  inventory falls again

HECM loans providing financial relief for seniors

San Diego rent costs soar

Minimizing closing costs with shopper savvy

Housing starts drop to 3-month low

San Diego home prices at 10-year high

Winning the home bidding war

Federal Reserve holds interest rates steady

Home flipping reaches six-year high

Traditional home loans make way for reverse mortgages

Fighting the bidding war on multiple fronts

San Diegans living large

San Diego's robust summer housing market

Poll: San Diego saying no to new Chargers home

Millennials not buying homes

Bidding wars continue but experts still optimistic

Seniors seek alternative income sources

Number of empty homes nationwide drops

Mortgage credit availability tightens

The 9/11 impact on housing

Survey: 1 in 5 buy home sight unseen

Things to consider before paying off a mortgage

Home price appreciation higher than expected

Construction spending neutral in July

Million Dollar Homes Sales Drop

Home buying season doesn't end with summer

San Diego has 11th highest rent in the nation

August jobs report shows volitility

Report: Efficient homes energizing young buyers

Alternative mortgage options gain popularity

Friday's jobs report to weigh on Fed decision

Bidding wars lead to home price premiums

Dating the home you love

Mortgage activity dwindles as prices rise

San Diego home ownership requires 6 figure income

High prices hurting SoCal home sales

New jobless claims maintain low streak

San Diego homes come up for air

Home repo's drop to 11-year low

Health care costs growing burden for seniors

CA home sales hurt by inventory levels

Fed still wishy-washy on rate hike

Housing starts reach five month high

Olympic sized increases in host city home values

CA home prices reach milestone

VA loans giving veterans shot a home ownership

Home construction stuck in recession muck

San Diego home sales weaken

Low mortgage rates continue to boost housing market

The retiree life raft

America's abandoned homes

San Diego rent increases taper

USDA Loans to get cheaper

Feds target shady homebuyers

Survey: sellers have the power

The down-payment savings plan

Home prices climb higher

U.S. mortgage rates hit record low

Survey: homeownership wise choice

Homeownership rate at five-decade low

Homes under contract see meager gains

Feds leave rate unchaged

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San Diego housing at 'crisis point'

The impact of the Fed

Majority of wealth held by seniors

CA homes selling fast and high

Home buying for seniors made easy

San Diego's housing supply woes

Skipping the starter home

Housing starts highest in 8 years

Brexit impact continues on mortgage rates

CA foreclosures below pre-recession levels

San Diegians' rent climbs, again

A retiree's best asset

Homes selling above asking price

Foreclosed properties hit near decade low

Underwater figures sinking

The easier mortgage to qualify for

Home prices rise; further climbs expected

New jobs lead to high housing demand

Fed unlikely to raise rates soon

Summer home buying leads to fast sales

International interest in U.S. homes lessens

Refinance applications soar

FHA borrowing standards loosened

Apartments shrinking; prices growing

Affording retirement without the wait

Patriotic displays attract buyers

The Brexit impact on mortgages

Pre-Brexit mortgage activity drops

CA pending home sales up despite rising prices

Refinancing into 15-year loans

Brexit causes mortgage rates to tumble

Brexit pushes mortgage rates to 3 year low

Fewer buyers paying cash for homes

Survey: seniors want to age in place

Refinances biggest driver of mortgage activity

San Diego home prices near pre-recession peak

The housing gender gap

Housing shortage here to stay

Home construction dips in May

Home builder confidence gets boost

Down payment help, helps

Rent costs rise; wages stagnant

Home buying gadgets

Fannie Mae Survey: now is the time to sell

Survey: renters priced out of housing market