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Mark Larson Interviews ARAMCO's Mehran Aram-May 29, 2014

Posted by The Aramco Group on Thu, May 29, 2014 @ 16:05 PM

In his weekly interview with ARAMCO Group CEO Mehran Aram, KUSI TV San Diego's Mark Larson chats on the latest mortgage news, reverse mortgages, and real estate trends. Click below to listen to this week's discussion!: 

Mark Larson Talks with ARAMCO CEO Mehran Aram 5-29-14.mp3


About Mehran Aram: 

Mehran Aram is the President and CEO of The Aramco Group, and has over 20 years experience in the mortgage/real estate industries. A graduate of USD School of Business, he has made a name for himself by writing and producing The ARAMCO Report, his one minute daily radio/tv analysis of the mortgage and real estate markets, every day for 20 years. The ARAMCO Report is now syndicated across the Radio America Network and is heard in more than 100 markets daily. The TV version of The ARAMCO Report is now featured on it's second season following every weekday San Diego Padres game, on FOX Sports SD. Mehran is a guest contributor weekly on the nationally syndicated, Roger Hedgecock Show as well being featured on Mark Larson and George Chamberlin's shows. More recently he became one of less than 100 Certified Reverse Mortgage Professionals, CRMP, in the nation and hosts monthly workshops to educate seniors and boomers on retirement and the reverse mortgage.

About Mark Larson:  

Heard on over 2,000 radio and TV stations across the world, Mark Larson is known for his integrity, charitable work, and fair political analysis. He acts as the political analyst for KUSI TV San Diego, and is a contributor on NBC, Fox News, MSNBC, Larry King Live, and the Dennis Prager Show. In addition to his political credentials, Mark Larson is a regular guest on the popular Christian radio show, “Turning Point,” with Dr. David Jeremiah.

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