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ARAMCO Report - Monday July 21, 2014

Posted by Mehran Aram on Mon, Jul 21, 2014 @ 17:07 PM

Last week the bond market rallied in reaction to the Malaysian airplane being shot down in Ukraine and the Israeli offensive in Gaza. Historically such geopolitical tensions spark a flight to safety rally in U.S. Treasuries which in turn keep mortgage rates low. Conforming no point 30 year fixed rates average 4 1/8th with 15 year rates closer to 3 1/8th. Meanwhile lending standards are loosening up a bit and the FHA is offering discounts to homebuyers who go thru counseling.

And now for something, completely different: Did you know that the typical lead pencil can draw a line that’s 35 miles long? The folks who come up with such data much have a lot of time on their hands!

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