Join the Aramco Team!

Here at The Aramco Group we are just as dedicated to our employees as we are to our customers. We value loyalty, hard-work, professionalism, courtesy, and integrity above all else and not only allow growth but encourage career advancement within the company. From loan officers and processors to publicists and realtors, we are always interested in hearing how you can make The Aramco Group a better company. Please fill out the form on this page if you are interested in a position with us and we will contact you if we feel your skills might fit one of positions.

Potential Positions

Loan Officer:

We value previous experience in the mortgage industry and an applicant with the energy and motivation to help our clients. While salesmanship is important in this industry, we prefer someone who simply presents our clients with all the information necessary so that they can make an informed decision. An Aramco Mortgage loan officer can either choose to work onsite or satellite from their own home and can specialize in reverse mortgages, conventional financing or a hybrid of the two. This position is extremely flexible, but can be highly lucrative with a motivated and hard working person.


Loan Processor:

Loan processors are truly the backbone of the mortgage industry, and thus we look through all our loan processor applicants with a fine tooth comb. A loan processor must be patient, kind, and courteous at all times, not only to our clients but also with the loan officers they work with. To be a successful processor one must be a problem solver who is willing and able to work around issues and come up with solutions when problems arise. The Aramco Group is always hiring both reverse mortgage and conventional loan processors and the pay scale is highly competitive and normally includes significant bonus structures.



The biggest purchase most Americans will ever make is the purchase of their homes, and it is our goal at Aramco Properties to ensure that this purchase goes as smoothly as possible. Aramco realtors are people who enjoy building lasting relationships and take pride in finding the perfect home or investment property for their clients. The Aramco Group provides a trusted name, incredible resources, and the opportunity for endless growth for all its realtors. 



Here at The Aramco Group we are always looking for energetic and creative talent who can build our brand name and spread the word about our great service. Skills we are looking for include basic marketing, publicity, writing, and artistic design. An applicant should contact us if they are looking to jump-start their publicity/marketing career and are looking for stable, long-term employment.