Certified Reverse Mortgage Professionals

Are All Reverse Mortgage Companies Made Equal?

Here at Aramco Financial, we take pride in differentiating ourselves from other reverse mortgage companies in two very important ways:

1. Aramco Financial is owned and operated by Mehran Aram, not only a trusted mortgage broker of nearly 20 years, and mortgage analyst for radio stations across California, but more importantly a Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional (CRMP). This distinction is earned after numerous classes and a comprehensive exam, and has been bestowed upon less than 50 brokers nationwide. The CRMP certification given to Mehran Aram at Aramco Financial ensures the highest level of ethics, professionalism, and customer service to all its clients, setting Aramco Financial apart from the many non CRMP certified reverse mortgage brokers.

2. Aramco Financial is dedicated to the seniors of California. Being the only CRMP certified reverse mortgage broker dedicated solely to seniors in California, we have chosen to remain a local, family owned and operated firm. In contrast to many “big bank” reverse mortgage firms, Aramco Financial deals strictly with its neighbors in California allowing us to understand the lifestyle, economics, and concerns of our clients. 

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