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Meet Susanne - A Thankful Daughter

Aramco Financial Happy Customer

Dear Mehran and Aramco Staff,

I wanted to thank you for all your help in securing a reverse mortgage recently for my mother.  My mother, whom you know is 87, had asked me about reverse mortgages for sometime and I consistently steered her away from them.

However, due to recent changes in the funding, oversight, and regulations governing reverse mortgages I agreed to take a second look this summer.  I contacted several companies and attended a seminar.  In the process of gathering information, my mother suggested I call your company after hearing you speak about reverse mortgages on your radio program. 

From the very first time I spoke with you on the phone, I was impressed.  You took less of a “sales approach” and more of a “counseling approach.”  By this I mean that you helped me become educated about the ins and outs of reverse mortgages instead of just trying to sell me one.  You graciously answered all my questions, sent me useful information, ran computer models of possible payout scenarios, and directed me to other places (independent sources) where I could garner more information.  As a result I was able to give my mother the information she needed and to advise her through the process. 

Her reverse mortgage funded three weeks ago.  She now sleeps well at night, as do I, knowing that as her neurological disease progresses downward, she will be financially prepared for the care she will certainly need.  And she is now able to afford some special things she would like to do while she is still able, as well as fund some necessary household maintenance. 

That mother has this financial peace of mind means a lot to both of us and to our whole family.  As her health declines she will be able to stay in her beloved home of over 50 years where she is happy and still receive care she’ll need.

So, again, thank you very much for your professionalism, your integrity, and your deep knowledge base.  Please also thank you staff as everyone we dealt with at Aramco was equally caring and professional.  I feel very confident recommending you to friends and associates for any mortgage need.



Susanne K.

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